Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cabin Fever

It’s blog hop time again!  This week’s topic:
Here in Cleveland we are snowed in but everywhere has days where cabin fever can creep in. What are your favorite indoor activities to do with your kids?
Being that my peanut is too young to do many craft projects or play games - I am not thinking that painting or playdough with a 10 month old would be the best use of our time…. - we explore our house. And our toys. A lot.
Mirrors are amazing to her. Or maybe she just really likes looking at herself. Practicing her surprised face.  She IS cute after all.
2.1  (1)
play Dates are always a great time. G goes for the older men.  She watched her buddy, Mr. G intently trying to figure out whatever he was doing.
2.13  (19)
Also, we make every time of day fancy.  Who says you can’t wear bows with your pj’s?
2.15  (8)
G’s cousins gave her this really really cool tunnel that she adores! So, it’s a pretty fun thing for us to do indoors.  Teaching her exercise early on.
2.14  (38) 2.14  (40)
Reading is always an option too.  She loves to eat books.
  2.14  (19)
We try to teach her reasoning skills.  She is trying to figure out how to get her cat into her mailbox.  I hope she has enough postage….
2.15  (21)
Needless to say, we are very much looking forward to warmer weather, but doing our best to stay entertained.  Looking forward to any suggestions from seasoned mama’s!
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Dana said...

is that the tunnel from Ikea?? We have that and LOVE it! G has discovered it lately and thinks it's the bomb too hehe. It's way cute to watch the little ones crawl through!

Danifred said...

I love all the ways you guys are figuring out how to avoid cabin fever. We're ready to pull each other's hair out over here. Spring can't come soon enough this year!

Paige said...

You take really great pictures! That tunnel does look like fun!

JenM said...

Cute pictures! I'm always amazed at how old Ms. G seems when she is the same age as mine. Such a grown up little lady!