Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lessons Learned

so, since I am almost done being pregnant [at least I hope so....] I wanted to recap what I have learned so far.....

  • the tiredness that I have experienced the past 9 months is really surprising. It is an incredibe accomplishment for me to stay up past 9p
  • I always said I would be one of those women who worked out and all that jazz while pregnant still - but due to the extreme tiredness and general laziness that has developed - this went down the tubes at about 12 weeks. I know I will pay for it.
  • stretch marks. no avoiding them despite all the magic potions i have tried. and the bigger I get the more they show up.
  • baby kicks can hurt a lot more than I ever expected. and I love to feel them even more than I thought I would.
  • little tiny baby things are fascinating. like little sunglasses and especiallylittle shoes.
  • I am not good at being pregnant - even though everything has gone smoothly - I don't really like it. I am looking forward o having my body back, or at least kind of back.
  • I feel clueless. I read a lot of books. I know that none of it will matter when she gets here.
  • My brain disappeared months ago - I make some of the strangest mistakes and I say a lot of really random things.
  • I don't think I have ever fully thought about how she will get outside of my uterus. and I don't plan to think about it, because then I will get scared.
  • the attention being pregnant brings still amazes me, whether I want it or not. I am at the point now that people look at me very wide-eyed as if I am going to drop this kid out right this second. I just smile.... and fake a contraction.... ;)
  • my hair also does not like being pregnant. and neither does my skin.
  • do not force swollen feet into shoes. it just makes them hurt and even more swollen.

I know I haven't shown a picture lately - probably because I look like a bum in every single picture we have taken lately considering none of my clothes fit apprpriatly!

I had an OB appointment today, making slightly more progress, baby is way way down which is wonderful (well except when I walk.. or sit... but whatever). The latest he will let me go is 1 week over, I do not want an induction, but I want a baby! I will just hang tough for as long as it takes her to come on out - but I will not do it quietly! I am workng all of next week too....

**stay tunes for Lessons Learned part deux once she gets here....


alicia said...

those are some good lessons learnt! i have leanred many of those as well :) that is good that baby is down! i think twinkle is still pretty high up, ohh i am soooo done!

renee said...

yes and there will about 10 times the amount of lessons learned in the first year or two. but the mistakes you make, make you a much better person and mother. i cant wait to see that little one :D

Kara said...

Oh those lessons are still fresh in my mind..and the more kids you have..the more you learn..and the more pregnancy is just not one of your favorite things LoL. I am so with you on how babies come out..I've had 3 and I still don't know how!

Anonymous said...

You love shoes no matter what size! Tiny, small, large, extra large ..........Hang in there she'll be here soon!