Sunday, March 29, 2009

14 days

and impatiently counting......

still here.
still pregnant.
still sick too....

I am actually feeling better than I was last week - but not 100%.

In baby news - we are making slow progress, but i'll take any progress. I have been having contractions off and on for a few days - they are getting stronger but not necessarily closer together. today I told mike (after having about 2 hours of 3-10min apart contractions) that I refused to call the doctor until I was sure something productive was going on because I am not going to L&D and leaving w/o this little girl! So - I am going to continue to monitor myself as best I can [I honestly don't know what I am supposed to feel, how long they are supposed to last blah blah blah - sure I know the "guidelines" but that's really giving me no reassurance.] and hope that this light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter quickly!

In other news - working from home last week was a success as far as I am concerned there are some major kinks to be worked out - but hey have to do with the other end of things and not me. I get my work done so much quicker which is awesome, and will be very nice when I have this little girl to look after. I will be doing this a few days this week I think so that is good with me - I am quickly running out of clothes - especially work appropriate clothes. Do you think they will let me wear gym shorts and hoodies next week?!


alicia said...

oh wow!! it is getting close hey??? yay!!! 14 days for you 19 for me, ahhhh we are going to me moms! yay for contractions, I got nothing over here, i hope they turn into the full blown thing for you real soon!

Tiffanie said...

holy crap! i'm going to be on pins and needles w/ you and jenm having your babies soon! i can't wait to see the pics!

good to hear that there aren't any major kinks w/ working at home.

gym shorts, moomoo, whatever works, right?!