Thursday, March 12, 2009

you will never make it

if i hear this statement one more time i am going to go into labor immediatly!

or this one
"do you think you'll make it until you're due date? i don't..."

oh good, i didn't know you were a psychic - can you give me the winning lottery numbers too?

i would show off to all of you internets my big whale of a belly - but i don't want to scare you*

this little girl is due in LESS than 1 month. I will officially be 36wks on Saturday - you know what that means don't you? I will be NINE months pregnant. That is very hard for me to believe. In weeks I will have a baby. I will be someone's MOTHER! Now you are really scared aren't you?!!

Oh, and for the record, I am totally over being pregnant.
It is official, I do not like it. I do not like it sam i am....
I am greatful to be pregnant and to be having a baby. But pregnancy really isn't my thing, I do not think I will be repeating it 17 more times a'la Michelle Duggar style.
We will have more kids - and I will hate being pregnant then too.
But it is in fact a means to an end. Sometimes I feel bad bitching about it considering the vast majority of my friends have had to deal with infertility, but I can not tell a lie. **

One more thing - Have I told you that I am in a wedding next weekend? I am wearing a blue dress, a blue dress that would be perfectly lovely if I wasn't 9 months pregnant. It doesn't do much for my current figure. I actually kind of look like a balloon in it..... A balloon with fat lets anchoring it to the ground..... Maybe it will be better when my hair is done?
The wedding should be fun though, and it's 2 days before our anniversary, so at least we will get to be around people!
Speaking of anniversary - what do you do for year 2? anything special?

*ok really i am lazy. we have our maternity pics saturday, i am sure felicia will have a blog post up soon after to show off, will keep you posted
**ok i can, but i shouldn't. mom's don't lie do they?!

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alicia said...

argh people and their comments!!! drives me crazy.

can't wait to see those maternity pics! I have to post mine too :)

2 years! congrats! Keith and I every year get a hotel room in our city and just chill out with room service and movies and go to a fancy dinner one night! it is totally fun! we have done it all 4 years!