Sunday, March 22, 2009

I (we) made it

remember a few days ago I was talking about being in a wedding this weekend and looking like a big blue balloon?

The groom assured me that I did not in fact look like a balloon..... although i did feel like one by the end of the night, what with the humongous feet/cankle combo I was sporting. Everyone - including myself - was quite impressed that I made it through the day! This little one however did not like the dancing so much and she made that pretty obvious..... I told her it was my way of telling her it's time to come out!

I love weddings, every time I go to one and listen the bride and groom exchange their vows it makes me think of our wedding and how I could focus on nothing else but my almost husband getting chocked up on his vows and the excitement I had over becoming his wife that very minute, I could live in that moment forever it seems. I hope that everyone feels that way on their wedding day and for all the years after.
Everything yesterday was really nice, everyone looked great and all went smoothly - what every bride wishes for! Now they can enjoy their awesome 2 week honeymoon. no fair!
Baby girl has been quite the stinker these days - and the end of this pregnancy has been very unfun. We all know how much I love being pregnant anyway..... but this week has been especially trying. I am too much of a planner to be able to go w/ the punches here - I want to know what exactly things will feel like, when exactly they will happen etc. - and I know that is impossible but it doesn't make me any more comfortable with the whole deal.

We are ready to meet her, I am ready to wear my shoes and my wedding rings again, and the fact that they told me this week she could come anytime she wants makes me even more anxious.


krissy said...

i'm super anxious. i wish i knew how to plan my weeks! everytime i tell someone i'm gonna do something i have to follow up with if i'm not in the hospital meeting my niece......

which couldn't happen soon enough :)

alicia said...

ahh you look great!

I am SOOOO ready to get on with the meeting of this child as well. I say a little prayer every night that she would just come early! hee hee. we are sooo close!

renee said...

oh my goodness! i cant beleive kimmy is married! she looked so beautiful. and you definitely did not look like a balloon! you are one of those beautiful pregnant ladies i always envied. you have this perfect belly and you look so cute. i cant wait to see that beautiful baby!