Friday, March 13, 2009

my husband rocks

so i have been a slacker with doing my husband rocks fridays - not b/c he doesn't rock - but b/c i have been busy. and lazy.

that being said let me tell you a little something:

he has been going to school since january. working. listening to me whine almost everyday, lacrosse started a few weeks ago and he is the only coach this year w/ a team full of brand new players oh and he is going to be a daddy very very soon.
because he can do all of these things and still find the time to make sure I (we) are doing ok and have what we need - that is why he rocks. that is why he is my rock [even if he is a little overwhelmed and grumpy at times]

and the excitement he has over his daughter coming into the world makes my melt every time i hear him talk about her. and my heart grows a few sizes each time too.

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