Monday, March 16, 2009

moving forward

So remember a few months ago when I was talking about my future as it relates to school and all that jazz?

I made a few decisions around that time and one of them was to apply for a program to complete my Masters of Public Health degree. Ironically this was something while in medical school I always said I had no interest in, but the more I looked into what I can actually do with that degree, the more I thought this was a great path for me - I can interact with patients on a very real basis while making a difference on a very large scale in the community. I can work a regular schedule. Perfect balance for me. I found out this weekend that I got accepted into the program and I have to tell you, I am very excited to get started! It will be a great opportunity for professional growth. It will be a ridiculously busy time - school, work, baby..... but I am confident everything will be perfect in the end and so worth it.

There is also an official plan in place for me to work from home. We will be doing a "trial" run here in the next week or so to work out some of the kinks. It will be nice to have something else to focus on while I am home - I clearly like to stay busy! I also know that it will be a very busy time, but thankfully the people i work for and with are incredibly understanding and I will be able to start working when I am ready. Things are going very well - finally!


I also feel that this baby could come annnnyyyday now and I would be completely good with that! The uncomfortable-ness of this last trimester is starting to get the better of me. Between my uncontrallable swelling [thankfully that is all that is going on, no preeclampsia or anything], the back pain and pelvic pressure that just started are more than a little annoying and i just want to sleep again! BUT enough bitching..... this little princess is totally worth it. I think I am just getting so excited for her to be here and to meet her!
aaahhhh soon little girl you will be here.......


Trish said...

I am so happy that things are falling into place for you. I am a school junkie too. I currently hold three degrees (bachelor's, master's, and educational specialist) and am almost finished with my doctorate in education (Ed.D, not Ph.D.). I also have two daughters. One is five and the other will be two next week. Oh yeah, I am a full time middle school teacher as well. I clearly like to stay busy too! So, when are you starting school?

alicia said...

yay! that program sounds awesome! so glad you got in! and working from home, sooo cool! I really hope that works out for you!

I hear you, little Twinkle can arrive anytime she wants now! I am soo ready to meet her already!

Tiffanie said...

congrats on getting accepted:) and, that's awesome that you can work from home!