Saturday, November 29, 2008

can you hear me?

I asked the little one this the other day - and I got a swift kick in response, so I guess that is a yes!

Speaking of kicks - daddy got to feel his first kicks (or punches or whatever) on thanksgiving - he had the happiest, most precious look on his face. It is such a great feeling and I am so glad he gets to experience it with me now.

Speaking of hearing - I have always been really excited to read to the baby, both inside and out, and now that I know the little one can hear me (Even if I sound like a deep sea creature....) I get to start the reading.

I got this book from Amazon after both Jamie & Alicia recommended it. Dr. Suess is my FAVE children's author and the little one already has started their own collection - so this is even more perfect! It's adorable.


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alicia said...

isn't it sooo cute! twinkle loves it already! have fun ready to your little peanut!