Monday, November 24, 2008

1/2 way to the beginning

20 wks and I will be a mom. shit!
Here is what I have learned so far
  • gaining weight for a good cause, while slightly unnerving a times, hasn't been so bad. yet.
  • i can pee in a cup like a pro
  • the attention being pregnant gets you is surprising to me, but I like it more than I thought I would
  • feeling kicks from the inside - also not as crazy feeling as i expected. I actually love it quite a lot
  • I do not like when people mention what/how much/when I eat --- not at all.
  • I never knew I was a firebreathing dragon. seriously - it keeps getting worse and i have eaten all the tums i can!
  • the power of feeling so connected to someone I have never met - this is by far the best part.
  • My husband is going to be a great dad. He talks to the little one as much as I do and is (maybe) more excited than I to see him or her!
We had our u/s and 19w appt last week - baby looks great, very wiggly and very cute! Kept sucking his/her thumb and punching the u/s tech! doctor said I am a "perfect pregnant person" - so yay for being good at something! We will have to have a 2nd u/s in a few months to check the location of my placenta as it is pretty low right now - dr said it should be fine, but just to be safe we need to check again before the baby comes - I am not worried about it!

so - we are half way to the start of our new life as parents & I am incredibly INCREDIBLY anxiously excited to meet this little angel!

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alicia said...

yay!!! I will be at 20 weeks on Sunday! can't wait!!!!

so you are not finding out the sex hey! so fun!!! I do not have the patience for that! hee hee