Monday, November 10, 2008

a few things i didn't know....

  • your hair does in fact grow. and in different places than i expected - like my stomach. it freaks me out. Along with that - I am freaked out about getting my hair dyed - I want to, but what if it falls out!! I will probably do it anyone (sans bleach) and just pray it looks ok.
  • your skin does change. as in, i have acne like a 12yr old boy, the moles and beauty marks i have already are changing (some of them) and my skin is even more dry than before. and it itches. alot. especially my belly.
  • i am incredibly self conscious of my skin color - i have not been this pale, i don't know, in like 8yrs or something sick b/c i enjoy the fake'n'bakin. I have decided to go with the self tanner for now - not like I have a choice but I am vain. ((suggestions being taken....)
  • i should have bought stock in tums - specifically the smoothie kind. I breathe fire almost all day long i kid you not. Without my tums I would probably have a fire extinguisher down my throat!
  • I have in fact heard that heartburn and itchy stomaches "indicate" lots of hair on the baby - i must be having a freaking bear then! or an italian.
  • My wardrobe literally shrinks everyday. I hate buying maternity clothes too - b/c they are not cute (some of them are of course, i buy those ones) and they are expensive! I want to spend my money on clothes to wear forever and ever not just a few months. ok i will quit whining about this now.
  • I waited my whole life to be visited by the boob fairy... now that she has come, i'm not so sure how much i enjoy this!
  • What is a "flutter"? This is something I do not know... do not know if I feel... and really frustrate myself trying to figure it out! I think this kid is going to have to karate kick me in the ribs before I know its moving around in there. soon enough......


Mel said...

I have weird stomach hair, too, it's so gross, right? LOL Husband pointed it out the other day and I was so ashamed!
I have been getting my hair colored the entire time and it is just fine. I think I have already had it done 3 times since getting pregnant and it's not been an issue. I get foils, though, highlights and lowlights, not sure if that makes a difference or what you were planning on getting. I asked both my OB and hair dresser about a hundred times first just to make sure it was safe. :)
The acne def sucks and my skin is weird also, I have itchy patches everywhere now! Oh, and I hate being so pasty, too!
I have been buying all my new maternity stuff from GAP and it is CUTE and actually decently affordable. I have to buy it online because my store doesn't carry it, but it's your same prepregnancy size, so it's really no guess work. PLUS, I currently have a 30% off friends and family coupon for them (online and in store) that expires 11/19.. if you want it email me and I will forward it to you!!!!

Ok, and as for flutters, I didn't ever really have them I don't think. For me it was a weird gas feeling right underneath my skin on my stomach, like little bubbles pooping. I honestly didn't think it would feel like this AT ALL, so it totally surprised me when I realized it was really baby movement. You'll feel it soon!!

Ok, this was a book, I just had too much to say.

Brooke said...

I too was on the tums pregnancy diet. Connor had lots of hair. Not just on his head, but his ears, back and shoulder too.

Figuring out the flutter will drive you crazy. The best way I can describe it - it feels like kittens purring in your belly. For what help that is.

Uh, where's the belly pic? :)