Wednesday, November 12, 2008


everyday a little bigger!

and i offically know what a flutter is :)


Mel said...

so cute!!!! ;)
yay for the flutter!
email me so I can send you that Gap coupon....

alicia said...

ahhh! you felt the baby move!! so jealous! I can't wait :)

Zach and Jamie said...

Look at you! You are getting bigger! You have a very nice little bump forming. You're going to go through a tremendous growth spurt here in the next 2-3 weeks if you're anything like me. I went from little bump to beach ball in about 3 weeks. Well... not beach ball but I've grown so much.
So excited that you're starting to feel flutters! They will get stronger soon now that you're noticing them... and you'll love every little thump. It's such a wonderful bonding time feeling the little one bounce and kick around. You have SO much to look forward to. We both do!
You look beautiful Andrea! I'm so happy for you! ~ Jamie