Sunday, November 9, 2008


so i realize this is a little bit backwards - but whatever.

Last weekend we went to a 'before baby fair' at hospital #2. We got plently of free stuff (bottles, bib, formula... a chair massage!) and got to take a tour - which is the main reason we went.
  • L&D rooms - decently big, unlimited amount of guests until the pushing starts. Their policy is 2ppl at that time, but in reality it is up to you and your dr.
  • PP rooms - almost all are private. (some do not have their own showers which is kinda sketchy.... but i think i will be able to manage) unlimited # of guests
  • Dad gets a key card access to the ward which is nice
  • Baby doesn't leave the nursery except for with mom or dad - i know that is typical procedure but always nice to hear.
  • special care nursery available if needed (same as #1)

Many things were the same b/w the two hospitals but I think we made the best choice for us. And after this weeks experience - I now also know how nice the nurses are!

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