Wednesday, June 4, 2008

what gives?

that is the question of the day.

i got another BFN today* - i'm 21dpo....1week late (so CD35 of 28) and hella confused by my body! Really, I don't know what if feels like to be pregnant - so how would i know if i am or not?! Since the tests keep saying NO! I am inclined to think they are right. I should probably suck it up and get a blood test done so that I know for sure - but I am maybe a little bit scared to do this. Really, I have no reason to be, I don't ever expect a positive test and i certainly wouldn't expect my blood to show something that my pee doesn't - but "they" say it can happen sometimes. Who are "they"anyway?!!

I also can.not concentrate the past two days - what the heck!! I just want to go back to sleep, like every hour. Clearly I can't do that or I would be getting nowhere fast. Poor husband, all he hears from me is "i need a nap"! studying for 7hrs a day really takes a lot out of a person i guess....

ohh one more thing - make sure you stop and keep Jen company the next week and half... she needs some good vibes :)

*thank you everyone for your good vibes and positive attitudes. i appreciate it SO much!


Jen said...

Thanks for the shout out!!

Hmm...WTF? Usually POAS is sure to bring out AF!
Good luck. I hope it ends on a good note. :)

Juicy said...

hmm, I recommend the blood test. That way you can get on with things no matter how the outcome. :( I'm sorry for the BFNs, they do suck indeed.

And I'm mighty impressed with the 7 hours of studying. I would have quit after hour 1. :)

(here from NCLM)

Lost in Space said...

Sorry for the frustrating pee sticks. Those things suck anyway. I noticed you started taking new vitamins, etc. last month - anything that could lengthen your luteal phase or make you O later? Just a thought.

Best of luck on your journey.

alicia said...

Oh no BFN! SO sorry. What is going on though?? I would get a blood test done, maybe "they" (mysterious administrative they) are right!

I am hoping for the best for you, but something similar happened to me, it turned out to be a cyst! I had a 61 day cycle, no fun!

Nit said...

I the bloodtest :)

Sorry you're going thru this rollercoaster! Sometimes our bodies suck!!!!

Oh & what type of doctor will you be?

Kim said...

Sorry you got a bfn. I say go for the b/w too. The you know for sure and there is no guessing. NCLM