Friday, June 13, 2008


on my skin -- no literally. i wish i had a picture to show you.* ya really. on my arms, and my stomach and my legs now - they don't itch or anything - it's just wierd and i finally decided after the fourth day to go to the doctor and see if they knew why i had fluid filled bubbles only on the front part of only certain parts of my body.

so - i really hate being on this side of the door - you know, the patient side. like really hate it. i get all chatty and talk fast and sound unintelligent. but it came up that a) i am not on birth control anymore [it had been awhile... and my regular dr. was on vacation,so i had to see the NP] and b) we are TTC. and somewhere in the midst of the whole visit the lady thinks my rash could be pregnancy related, "b/c you get lots of strange things when you are pregnant" - i reassured that i was definatly not pregnant - but she had to "be sure". i am still not pregnant. DUH!

after she gives me a line of BS about the bubbles - stay out of the sun and use some cream - ya oook. [i tried that already, and i told her that] she goes on to say - "you really should probably not worry about having a baby you know. you are busy and you will probably just get pregnant when you aren't so stressed out and relaxed." i just gave her a wierd half smile. then the NPstudent that was with said "ya, you know, everyone seems to get pregnant when they least expect it" I just said "well, you know, my life is always going to be a little stressful" and left.

It was an ambush!! and i feel no better about the bubbles.... I wish i could have seen my real doctor today, doctor's don't need vacations... ;)

*i can't seem to get a good one, it's not like i haven't tried!


Jill said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I would have screamed! I'm sorry you had a bad appt.... at least you know you'll be a better Dr :)

I hope your bumps go away soon

Alison said...

NO WAY!!! This was a doctor that said these things to you? And then for the other person to give their two cents... unbelievable. Well, maybe it is believable.

KellyF said...

You should have told her the other crap that gets you pregnant, like vacations, or quit trying, or hey, even adoption works! Ugh, people are stupid.

Kim said...

So sorry! You would think medical professionals would be a little better trained in what to say! Ugh! NCLM

DC said...

Grrr. I hate these sort of ignorant comments.

I get little bubbly blisters sometimes from the sun. Maybe lupus-related with me, but who really knows??

Hope the studying is going well. :)

Kirstie said...

Oh I am sooooo sorry your doctor's appointment was bad. I hate it when my regular doc isn't in either. I hope you find out the source of those bubbles soon and can get them treated. Get well soon.

seriously? said...

Isn't it awful that even medical professionals have no idea? My own doctor said something as ridiculous when I went for brochitis "trying too hard" or something like that.

See just remember, when you are a doctor working in your practice (I loe that Drs. and Lawyers get to practice forever!) you can just tell people that you don't know and things like take it easy, watch it and see what happens, call me if it gets worse.

Good Luck on the big test. No disrespect meant, I like most doctors.

Tiffanie said...

yikes. do they itch? ya know, there is a wicked outbreak of chicken pox going around. you've prob already had it though. anyhoodle i hope you get it figured out soon. and, btw, not all NP's suck! atleast i don't, and i will be one in 11 months:)

Mel said...

Nurse practioners should not be allowed to talk to any patient about pregnancy. Period.
Seriously, I got more "you are so young, you have so much time ahead of you to have a baby" crap than I could shake a stick at.
Hope those bumps go away soon!

alicia said...

holy crap! It sooo drives me crazy when doctors, people who should be educated, say stupid things like relax!!! THEY should KNOW that infertility is a disease and that relaxing is not the cure! AGRH! so frustrated for you.

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I know exactly what you mean about the belly button, I had one too, and man oh man did it get infected. It was a nightmare getting it out!

Jen said...

I'm glad your doctor is such a twatwaffle. Idiot.

I hope you get better soon! So weird! You need to get a good pic with that kick ass camera of yours.

Kristin said...

Totally LOL'ing at Jen's twatwaffle comment!

I know Tiffanie will be a kickass NP!! Sorry you don't feel any better about the bubbles...=(