Monday, June 9, 2008

tell me why

Why do you blog?

This is what someone asked me the other day - so I figured I would answer - on my blog of course!

I do it for me. It's mostly just to 'get it all out' when I am having a bad day or a great day, I usually don't have anything to say if I am just an 'ok' day. To share my experiences in life, whether that be in TTC, this whole MD buisness, my marriage, family issues, random happenings - chances are someone else in the blogosphere has experienced soemthing similar, and my future self will want to remember this all one day.
I have always been better with the written word, and especially if I am feeling 'moved' by something, I usually have something to say about it, so here it is - somebody else might as well enjoy it.
Something else I really don't like doing - is talking on the phone - so this way all of my loves can just log on and read about my crazy life rather calling me! Makes perfect sense to me.
Most of all though - it's just like why anyone else writes, it's an outlet - like free therapy - it makes me feel better when I am feeling crappy, i smile when people leave comments, i really enjoy putting my thoughts on the page even if noone reads them (but i am glad people do!).

So - why do you do blog?


JuliaS said...

Here from NCLM.

For all those reasons you list - a record, free therapy, etc - that's why I blog too. I get really excited when something I have written strikes a chord with someone else or helps them feel better.

Good wishes! :0)

Bugged said...

All of the above and more!

Blogging is fun, fun, fun!

Mind purging at its best.

And to those who don't get it? Bless their souls!

DC said...

I agree with you about talking on the phone. I can't stand it.

I started my blog mainly because I was tired of constantly emailing friends and family to update them on our latest news. Now, if they care, they can just stop by my blog and see what's up with me.