Saturday, February 2, 2008

unhappy friends

Earlier this week I was contacted by someone that i used to be really good friends with, on Myspace, of all places. I thought it was kind of odd, but I was ok with it. So in the course of the week we had an interesting conversation about how/why we are not friends anymore - because she doesn't like that I married mike after something that happened b/w the two of us - ok, everyone is entitled their opinions, and that ultimatly ended our friendship. But why would you want contact me after a year?
I don't have anything to say to her, she hurt my feelings and disrespected our friendship in a number of ways. But back to the current situation - she ended up posting a blog talking about things that happened b/w mike and i that were told to her in confidence when we were friends, things that, regardless if we are friends or not, shouldn't be shared with others. I was incredibly offended and mad! Honestly, I couldn't believe a person would so something like that - and didn't understand it. I kindly, as kindly as i could at least, asked her to think about what she had said how it affected me even though we are not friends - it's still uncalled for. I got a very rude, nasty response back. I am over it.
she doesn't get it, she is stuck. stuck in her world of how things used to be - how people used to be, while the rest of us have grown up (she referenced and hurt other people in this blog as well, not just me, but we all used to be good friends, and thankfully we all stood up for one another) Mike and I have dealt with our situation, climbed that mountain and really came out on top of a situation that was not good, it put both of us in bad places, and we had to come together at our own time on different terms - and that we did. that is something personal, and meaningful to us that we did and perserviered over together, although it would have been nice had it not had to happen, we wouldn't be who we are today - one of those 'makes you grow stronger' kind of deals.

as for this friend, she married very young, had children very young, and abandoned her friends - she lost that connection and seems unhappy. Unhappiness is not something i wish upon anyone but she is bringing it upon herself, she has delved up all of this unnecessary drama and things that myself or the other girls involved want no part of, and for that, are not taking part of! We all moved on, grew up, our lives are all wonderful (not to say this person's is not, it just seems strained from the sounds of things and her need for attention) and we made them that way through hard work!

it is hard to deal with someone talking unkindly to you and about people you care(d) about and knowing that if you respond it will not do any good - that is this situation. so i will not respond to her, i will just hope for her sake that she finds what she is looking for, an answer somewhere for whatever the question is.

Me on the other hand - I am one satisfied customer on the life front! I thought talking to her might be positive, but oh well. I am strong, together with Mike I am stronger. I feel like everyday i am one step closer to where i need to be.

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