Wednesday, February 6, 2008

give me a break

emotional instability.

ya that is me in a nutshell over the past few days - what does it mean? someone asked me if i was pregnant today. i have wondered that myself, but i am too big of a chicken to take a HPT so we will just have to wait and see if 'aunt flo' arrives friday or not. if not, then maybe i'll take a test. i think about it - more at times than others - but i'll be ok either way.

one thing that is kind of strange though, is the fact that i am back to not being able to concentrate. why?????
i am not doing good enough for that - not at all. but yet i study, study, study and feel like it was nearly all for nothing (i at least retain some things!) test in a week, that is not a good place to be - i think this test is going to be tricky too.
i know i am smart, i just don't know why i am not focusing, maybe it is the nausea - it is distracting afterall.

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