Friday, February 8, 2008

maybe next month

officially not our month to have a baby.

it's ok - i mean, it's not like i have a choice or anything. i haven't told mike yet, he was sleeping when i left this morning. i sort of thought that with how i was feeling this week it could have been what was going on - but almost in the back of my head, i knew that wasn't it. it was only our first month trying so it's not all that bad really, can't get discouraged.

the only really kind of selfish thing, is that we don't want a christmas baby - so we will probably try this month again, but then not again for a few months until we won't deliver in dec/jan if we would get pregnant. i know it's wierd, and selfish, but it's maybe we will change our minds too. that is what we were thinking last month.

on a happy note - a friend found out that she is pregnant after their first round of IVF which is awesome news!! i am very excited for them :)

we'll just keep trying ;)

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