Wednesday, February 20, 2008


another test done.... hasn't been determined yet if i finished it or it finished me, but either way, it's done.

besides that - things in the dixon house have been quite the opposite of exciting this week. it started off good, going to see wicked last weekend and all :

it was a GREAT show and we had fun. then i started our taxes - thereinlies the trouble. realizing that my loving husband made as much money as i did last year, and i only worked for 7 months, part-time. can we say SCARY? or should we say poor house? i don't know.... it gets me all emotional and freaked out.

yes he has 3 jobs

yes he works hard when he goes to those jobs

yes he does get paid under the table sometimes, so probably we made more than that but STILL!

but NO really, we do NOT have money!

yes we can pay our rent, bills, car payment etc.... with my student loans mostly - i don't so much like this idea. I do realize that husband does not either, he just doesn't not like it as much as me. or something like that. So i think to myself, we qualify for govt assistance in the food dept - bring it up to husband - husband freaks out - not speaking to me fo roughly 2 days. Well, i think the solution to this problem really lends itself unspoken........

i love him, he does all the things around the house that i don't have time to do (thank goodness!) - but sometimes i wonder if i would like it more if he just worked more at a "real" job (v. his 3 other jobs - or maybe just 1 "real" job and he can keep the side jobs, they are good extra money - we need it at the moment) and covered our expenses w/o me having to worry.... yes in fact i know i would like that better. [so does he....]

lets hope things get resolved sooner than later (probably after lax season) but if they don't i am scared for future babies b/c hubband wants a house - our pittance can't afford a house..... hrmph

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