Monday, February 11, 2008

future bridezilla?

Friday, after I realized I wasn't pregnant and had a little pitty party for myself when I got home (Mike was sad too) I got a phone call from my best friend since the age of 5 -----

She got engaged!

I was shocked as hell - I am glad she couldn't see my face! It was a smile/surprised face! I am happy for them, but man was I surprised!! I know they have been living together for a little while and she had been talking about it (but who doesn't?!!) but... bam! She started off by saying she didn't want to think about weddings etc until she graduates in the spring (false statement on her part, she is not that kind of a person, i knew she would throw herself into wedding planning instantly... )

She called me today and told me that she already was starting to look at reception halls! (told ya!) but for about a year from now... to each his own, things will work the way they will work! I for one, am an expert wedding planner, and had to dispell some myths she has already come up with just by browsing the internet. (if i do say so myself, our wedding was perfect! i am still getting compliments on it, we were also engaged for 3 years and i am incredibly meticulous... you figure it out!) so here's to her proving us all wrong and not becoming a future bridezilla - and if you ever read this blog - i hope you laugh, because you know i am right and i love you!

I am doing my part by throwing them an engagement dinner in a few weeks (i love planning things and it will be a nice way to celebrate) she liked that idea..... it should be fun.

anyway... my poor sister on the otherhand - not a happy camper. has been dating her boyfriend for 3years now and still no ring on her pretty little finger. she'll get one soon, it'll be pretty, and then i will have to go to a wedding in west virginia... yay. ;)

i know you are dying to see my self proclaimed incedible wedding - so here ya go:

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