Monday, February 4, 2008

"Do you have any kids?"

This is a question that I have been asked at least once a week for about a month now, I am not sure why the sudden increase in need of the general public to know this information about me, but it's ok. I always just smile and say "No, not yet."

Now, especially because we are sort of trying, this question brings about some different emotion in me, and more so a number of different thoughts. As I was running today I thought of a few things:

Selfish reasons to NOT have a baby yet:
  1. we can do what we want, when we want
  2. I can finish my schooling/start training without considering how it effects a little person
  3. we don't have to worry as much about how we spend our money
  4. we can go on big, fancy vacations (ie europe when i graduate and mexico or the like this summer)
  5. who needs a house? our townhouse (read: tiny rent payment/utilities) work just fine for the 2 of us
  6. moving out of state for residency will be so much easier if it's just the 2 of us
  7. i really want to move out of state.....
  8. i love it being just the two of us - LOVE it!
  9. we can have sex, walk around naked, do crazy things whenever we want to!
  10. the only schedules that matter are mine and mike's (and quite frankly, that is hectic most of the time)
  11. really, we don't have a ton of $$, we have enough for 2 us for sure but we like to buy big things (computers, cameras... shoes.. you get the picture)
  12. my attention gets drawn away from studying sometimes easier than i would like just by my husband, how easy would i be destracted by a baby when i needed to concentrate?
Selfish reasons to start trying to have a baby NOW v. later:
  1. we have a lot of love to share.....
  2. i am good at time management, the baby will not be ignored and neither will my school work when necessary
  3. we can share our bundle of joy with our families (who is very close by) while we are here
  4. we are young, we want more than 1 child (think 4...) and want to continue to be young when they are all born to share our experiences with all of them
  5. our lives are going well, a baby would fit well into our lifestyle (with a few modifications, but who doesn't need to make those?)
  6. infertility is a real possibility, if we encounter these problems we will have time to establish a 'game plan' in the coming years
  7. maybe, if we have a baby, i won't want to move out of state (or maybe not....)
  8. we feel ready emotionally, have begun to prepare financially (as best we can), and well physically..... ;)
  9. we have had a lot of practice with our goddaughter - my maternal instincts kick into full gear whenever she is >100ft from me! (ok i know that is a bad reason, but still!)
  10. we have 2 bedrooms, we wouldn't necessarily have to buy a new house or anything, we would all fit nicely right here
  11. there is so much we want to share with a child, we say it all the time.
  12. we really really want a family......

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