Friday, February 22, 2008

no turning back

today has been a better day.... thank goodness! i decided to take today off from school, i just needed to stay home & study ( ok, so i just really started studying about 2 hours ago, it's not my fault the lecture video's weren't up until 1:30!)

no idea why i have been so mentally out-of-it these past few days. i know a lot has been going on, and with the idea of babymaking - that adds to things i guess, even though this month i haven't thought much about it.

last night i officially scheduled my test date for the boards... scary! it's like the 'no turning back now' feeling - or the 'you better start working your ass off' to get there feeling, i can't figure out which one. Like i said yesterday, i did ok on my test (my cum. score is holding - needs to be a little bit higher to make me feel better about passing the year) i feel like i am learning, good sign. But on June 25th i need to know it ALL! EEK!!!!!

trying not to freak on that now, just focusing on each test as they come and in may we will focus on that test.....

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