Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We go to Cinda-lella’s Castle NOW Mommy?



And Gianna asks us regularly – “We go to Cinda-lella’s Castle NOW?”

It is very adorable and honestly, I had NO idea I would be so excited for this vacation, but I am. I am SO excited to see Disney through her eyes.

But before we get to Disney, we should pack or something.

That’s where I need help! And naturally, I am coming to you, beautiful Internets

On my list of things to pack for G:

  • Sunscreen
  • Adorable minnie outfit with tutu for Mickey Breakfast
  • Cinderella T-shirt to wear on airplane
  • Bathing Suit
  • Swim Diapers
  • Stroller
  • Minnie Mouse Hair bows
  • Regular Diapers & wipes
  • PJ’s

On the rest of my list:

  • Clothes
  • Reservation info
  • Camera

In the carryon (here is where I need the most help, first time flying with a toddler!):

  • Suckers
  • New princess book
  • princess magnadoodle
  • princess stickers

What am I forgetting? What do I need? Any and all ass-vice is welcome related to Disney & flying. What specifically do I need to bring with me to the parks?

We are staying on-property and have the dining plan. We will spend one day at Animal Kingdom/Epcot and another full day at Magic Kingdom.

I can’t believe we are leaving in 2 weeks – it might be a short vacation, but it is going to be one I never forget, that much I know for sure.



alison said...

I'm so excited for you guys!! My only thought was the car seat? Are you taking one? Ours was kind of a PITA to travel with, but B was 10 mo old and we needed it when we got there.

Also maybe snacks (granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.) that you can throw in the daily diaper bag so she can have a snack while you're out and about.


Jennifer said...

I would bring an empty sippy cup or something like that with you. You can buy juice or get water on the plane. Snacks are a must. If she likes music, remember the MP3 player with headphones, if you have a small DVD player, you could bring that. Color wonder paper and markers? Antibacterial wipes to wipe down the drop down tray, hand sanitizer (You would have to pull this out and have it in a baggie I would think.)

Anonymous said...

Defintely snacks. I would pack some too and maybe juice boxes/zippy cup for the park (but I'm cheap, so it's not a must).

Also, I'd take a laptop or portable DVD player if you have one. That made our cross-country trip much more bearable! You're going to have a blast! Can't wait to take my girls someday!

Karen said...

Check it out here. Not a ton of info, but the all-important fact that you can take juice and milk for your little one on the plane!

Also, personally, I'd not take the suckers. I'm thinking kid hyped up on sugar in a small place with no place to escape? But you know your child best and how she reacts to sugar.

Also, make sure to take enough diapers for MORE than enough of the time you'll need them while on the plane, etc. If you have to make an emergency landing, get delayed, or have to circle around...have you ever seen diapers in those little convenience stores in the airport?

Anonymous said...

I'm here as I clicked, clicked, clicked through blogs and as a huge Disney fan and having done WDW 3 times in the last year with a toddler I'd love to add what's important to me ... take from it what you will :)

Depending on time of arrival - put swimsuit/pj's in carry-on (for adults too). Disney is Awesome (with a capital A) about transportation from airport to hotel but luggage isn't as quick - once you check in you may wait hours for luggage to arrive. (Here's where I add, if you aren't set up on Magical Express service - do it!)

I haven't read much through your blog, don't know your childs likes/dislikes or travel distance - but we go from CA to FL (5 hrs) and always have a portable DVD player (ipad now) with favorite movies or tv shows, new coloring books/stickers, magnet books and some small toys. I make my 2.5 year old carry his own backpack once we are at the airport, adds to the excitement of "do it myself".

In carry on ensure a full change of clothes plenty of extra diapers and wipes and a plastic bag (just in case). "Special snacks" (ie: things they like but don't get normally, for my guy it's fruit snacks and 100 calorie packs of cookies or crackers).

I pack in luggage some of the snack favorites but don't bring too much, the littles get into the vacation mode too and want the popcorn, ice cream, etc. that are all over the parks.

Depending on your dining plan - at sit down meals you can ask for an extra plate to share your meal with the little at no charge (assuming they don't need a full meal) if they are under 3.

To the parks bring in a beach towel or two. Never know if you need to dry off, save seats for a parade, wrap up wet/puked clothes. Lots of water of course they sell it everywhere but nice to have right from the get go.

Last, throw your normal schedule out the window. Kids will nap in the stroller when they are tired enough which gives time to shop or hit adult rides and it's vacation anyway!

Hope you have a wonderful time.

Rebecca in CA

Danifred said...

Sounds awesome! I pack snacks, bottles of water and baby wipes wherever I go. I figure that you can't go wrong with cleaning supplies and food.

AwkwardMoments said...

Gum - for the ears! Have fun - looks like you are ready and well planned.

We live 1.5 hrs away (near tampa) if you are looking to meet a blogger

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I did this trip in October and while we didn't go to the parks b/c Knee was still a PITA, I still learned a lot.

One of the best things we brought on the place was a Color-Wonder travel set. It had the invisible markers (flight attendants must love those), a coloring book, and a case to hold it all. We also wrapped our "presents" to make them seem extra special.

We did NOT bring our car seats...seriously not worth the hassle in my mind. The ones that the rental agency gave us were acceptable and we didn't drive that much anyway.

Recently, we found these all-natural gummi worms in the organic aisle. They really helped with ascent and descent.

Wipes naturally...I used them everywhere.

Did you mention a camera??? You'd better bring a damn camera!