Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • We still have a freaking ant problem over here. I hate ants. They gross me out.
  • All bugs gross me out, really.
  • I bought a new bathing suit today. A tankini style because I am not comfortable wearing my two-piece suits from last year. But it is actually really flattering on (not annoying and clingy) and I LIKE it. It’s the small things, people.
  • Gianna is so funny. We have been telling her item x (swim diapers, tooth brush, whatever) is for vacation. Whenever she sees one of these items she says “I love my BAACATION”
  • You guys have the BEST vacation ideas and tips. What did people do before the internet?
  • I ordered both Happiest Toddler on the Block and How to Talk so Kids Listen and How to Listen so Kids Talk today – the screeching/whining must.end.
  • I want to work full-time. From home. Or find one more adjunct position. I pray something comes our way – financial stress can suck it.
  • It has rained an absurd amount. So much that all my plants are growing like weeds (ha!) – which, awesome, except that my freaking hosta’s are eating my snapdragons. Must do some plant-shuffling tomorrow.
  • Donation/Raffle items have been coming in for the Just Relax fundraiser – people and their generosity amaze me. We are still taking donations, don’t be shy!

andreasignature2as always, join danifred and leave your leftover love.


alison said...

Let me know what you think of the Happiest Toddler on the Block. We were HUGE fans of the Happies Baby on the Block... the 5 S's saved our lives. But I'm about halfway through the Toddler version and I'm so... confused. It's about talking to your kid like they're little cavemen and I think I'm missing something. I already DO talk to B like he's a 2 year old. I need a video or something. :)

I have a love/hate relationship with hosta. I have 5ish plants in our little planter area in the front of our house and they're nice but they freaking grow like weeds. Gah.

Danifred said...

The Happiest.... on the Block books just rock. I love them!
I'm with you on the working from home business. Life would be so much easier.

Anonymous said...

We love the Happiest...on the block as well. The clap-growl works wonders!


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Please share on how to get the whining to go away...I am so over it!

Love my bathing suits this year too and they're from Kohl's...I am THAT Mom!