Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have to thank all of you for your support, congratulations and love last week – I am admittedly HORID at taking compliments from people, but your words mean so so so much to me.

So much in fact, that they play amazingly into a post/link-up that I have been planning in my head for awhile.

I have heard, from time to time, people refer to me as “super women” or a “super mom” or something like that.  I rarely consider anything I do any kind of special, it is just life as I know it.

But some days, I do recognize that sometimes I am more productive than others, so let’s talk about it.  We all deserve some self-recognition every once in a while. Be sure to link up so you can get some recognition from everyone else too – you deserve it!

Tell me what makes YOU super. Super whatever you want to be. Mom/Wife/Women/Sibling/Citizen/etcetcetc.

  • I treat others as I hope to be treated. Sometimes that means reaching out to help friends in need or sending a card or just saying “thinking of you” on a long day.
  • I try to do it all. Asking for help is not something I am good at, but am getting better. I am finally recognizing that while yes – I can accomplish 200 things in one day if I need to, I don’t always NEED to.
  • I laugh a lot. That helps me get through, well, everything.
  • One of the biggest compliments I ever received from my husband was when he said how much he loves my smile. Silly, I know, but since I laugh a lot, I smile a lot too.
  • I went to graduate school full time, worked full-time and/or stayed home full-time while starting a new business, getting the laundry done/menus planned/dinner cooked/bills paid in a 22 month period.
  • I am presenting at a conference next week. This is a big deal to me.
  • I have a knack for accomplishing many errands in one trip (usually: post office/bank/grocery store) all while saving a lot of money on said groceries.
  • This weekend I picked up some new clothes. And I really like how they look on me. Big deal right there.
  • I still mail invitations/thank you cards/notes to people. Sucks getting bills in the mail all the time, ya know?
  • Whatever I do, I do with all I have and I really hope it shows. I have been crappy at this lately because I have been doing A LOT, but it’s getting better.



alison said...

I think you're a total rockstar! I can see you doing all of these things in little blips during the day when you pop up in twitter or on my google reader. :) Your organization and drive is rubbing off on me!

Mel said...

Well, the fact that manage to blog on TOP of it all is simply astonishing. I think we as moms don't give ourselves enough credit some days. SERIOUSLY? Just managing one single day with a 2 year old is a FEAT IN AND OF ITSELF. All the rest of that stuff is just darn gravy.


AwkwardMoments said...

Well Done!

Sara said...

Oh yeah, you rock! Congrats on completing your masters! I think you need to share your mad couponing skills :)

Anonymous said...

I am also am Type A and never ask for help. EVER. I know I probably should as it would ease my stress, but it stresses me more when people don't do what they should and I have to redo it anyway...