Sunday, May 15, 2011

It’s what friends do

You may have noticed this shiny new button over here -----> (thanks Suzy!) maybe you have seen the new page ( ^^ up there ^^)
And maybe you have wondered what in the world is going on.
Let me tell you -
Jen is one of my favorite people. She understands my sarcasm, makes me laugh, understands my need for shoes and will share a pot of coffee and some donuts (or beer and nachos) with me while our girls play.
We met a few years ago through the internet (naturally) and have been friends ever since.
Luckily, our girls like each other too.
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Jen has been through more in the past few months than anyone should ever have to. She has experienced both joy and sorrow in the same day and the unimaginable emotional roller coaster of having a baby in the NICU for months on end, all while going about her “regular” life that includes a full time job and a thriving toddler at home (and Mark too, her husband!).
When you consider someone a friend & something painful happens to them, it makes my heart ache.
It makes me want to help and do SOMETHING to take away the hurt/stress/frustration. But what if that SOMETHING is too big, too painful and too much for me, just one little ol’ friend, to do anything about?
That’s when we ask other friends.
(who are so wonderful & helped me come up with and refine the ideas for The Event)
And the internet.
(because internet friends are some of the best kind around)
Together, we can pour all of our hope, prayers and strength into this little girl and her family by giving our thoughts and prayers an action.
The idea behind the “blog-raiser” and Event is to show our support and bring some relaxation with a side of fun to the Knepper’s.
The response so far has been tremendous, in an awesome way, and for that I am grateful to each and every one of you. For your big hearts, for your love, for your caring thoughts.
We are doing this because that’s just what friends do – they take care of each, whatever it takes.
If you are visiting from Jen’s blog – HEY! Thanks for visiting, you rock!


alison said...

You are the Awesomest. I'm so lucky to call you my friend. Praying for a spectacular fundraiser and event!

Anonymous said...

You are the bestest!

Do you think cookies would ship ok?