Friday, January 1, 2010

so is it twenty ten, oh-ten or twothousandten

I do not really ever resolve to do anything in the New Year. I know better. And I choose not to fail....

This year, is different.
I am doing monthly goals and quarterly goals. (no, I did not think of this on my own, I stole it from her)

Maybe I will actually blog these monthly goals (but not today) so you can all kick my ass when I slack off. We will see.....

Enough about me, what about you? Do you resolve? Do you hold yourself accountable, and how?!! How did 2009 treat you and what do you expect out of 2010?

2009 was one of the most roller coaster years I have had to date:

I have gained the most amazing experience of my life.
Been disappointed by the actions (or lack of action) of some for the last time.
Gotten a small jump start in the professional world.
Continued my education.
Lost a friend because apparently you can't trust the people you trust
Gained a brother in law
Shared in motherhood with some incredible women
And learned a lot about what I can do.

This year was no better or worse than the one before, it was different and special in a thousand different ways. I am thankful for what I was able to experience, but more thankful for who I got to experience it with.

Bring it on twenty ten. Show me what twentyohnine left behind.*

*not originally intended as dr. seussish, but cute huh?!


Danifred said...

No resolutions here. I am trying to think of life more in terms of goals rather than a to do list of things that I may or may not really fulfill.
Happy New Year!

renee said...

i'm with you on not making resolutions. i feel like if you REALLY want to do something or change your life in some way, just do it. you could make a march 6th resolution, ya know? it's all the same. oh and YAH for new motherhood! :D

PJ said...

I'm so old fashioned. I think it'll be two thousand ten for me. So what if it's an extra syllable or two. :)

My only goal is to get through my pregnancy in one piece. Usually it's loosing weight (and now I'm having a hard time gaining weight, go figure!).

I do want to do an overhaul of our finances. Yesterday I cut about $100 a month off of our cable/phone bills. But I think that's more of a neccesity - as in I'm gonna be one POOR person for a while (daycare for twins, omg! Gives me a coronary thinking about it!).

It's good to have goals though, ones that are attainable.

Good luck! Happy New Year!

Kara said...

I started going to the y again.. not really because of the new year. just because I'm sick and tired of having 3 childrens worth of spare tire around my waist, thighs, butt etc.. I guess it couldn't hurt to call it a resolution.