Friday, January 15, 2010

My Husband Rocks

I haven't done one of these friday posts in a long time.
Because things in our house have been a lot less "rocking" and a lot more "rocky".

After being together for nearly 10 years, this was probably the lowest of the low times. A mountain I wasn't sure we could climb.

We have spent the last few months working really hard to understand what went wrong, when it went wrong and why it went wrong. These are answers that we may never have. What we have learned, along with a newly founded relationship with God, we are using to propel us forward. One day at a time.

My husband has been working really hard with me to make this work. He has been pushing me, actually. Also, he has been at home with our baby girl. It makes it easier to go to work everyday knowing he is taking care of her. I even get yelled at on the weekends for messing up her routine!

We started a new trend for us which involes turning off the computers, the tv, the blackberries and just recaping our events and thoughts for the day. It's really really nice. It helps to keep US in perspective on a daily basis. Something that was lost for far too long.

My husband rocks this week because he believes in what we have. In all that is right and wrong in our relationship. In US.


Tricia said...

Way to believe in the US in a relationship. It's so important. I have to say, I think everyone hits a low point in their relationship. It's the strong ones who can stick it out. Congrats on finding a routine that works for you (turning off the TV, etc.) that's an awesome idea.

I'm praying for you guys and being able to find a way back to the reason you married him in the first place.

Danifred said...

It sounds like you guys have a definite plan on how to make things better. What a wonderful idea- unplugging- I think my husband and I need a little of that ourselves!

renee said...

i am soo happy that you are focusing on making it work. it is definitely hard in the early days (er... YEARS!) of parenthood. i am sure that you two will get through the rough stuff and make it to the fun stuff!