Tuesday, January 19, 2010

one sick baby = no sleep. ever.

This last week has been, interesting.

Last week was scary.

Gianna had high fevers for a few days, followed by a REALLY high fever and trip to the ER.  Of course she was happy as could be when the doctor came in, clearly she is dramatic.  It's just a virus they tell us, ask jennepper how assholeish that phrase is. 
The next day she started with the congestion.  But it's up really high in her sinuses, as in, no boogy sucker*, saline drop or humidifier is touching it.  Poor kid snores when she sleeps, very pitiful.  I called the nurse line to our peds office last night because, helloooo she is not sleeping or breathing (ok, she IS breathing, but not well!) they basically said that until she has been miserable stuffed up for 10days don't even bother coming in.  Thanks for that, asshole.  I hope they are sending me coffee by the case because there is not much sleeping going on here. 

I have been wanting one of those temporal thermometers, would have come in handy last week when we were wrestling the baby taking her temperature.  I finally got one the other day at babies r us, for a killer deal.  It is fun to play with.  Did you know you the temperature on your forehead and stomach are significantly different? Me either......  But - I do really recommend it.  I will now be prepared for fevers and party fun.

She is pretty happy most of the day, but she stays up for even shorter amounts of time between naps/sleep, doesn't want to eat**, sleeps like shit.  But she laughs and smiles, so that counts for something right?  Does anyone want to come over and take the 3a-6a shift? Anyone at all?

*I totally typed booby first. thought you might want to know.
**tonight, she threw her entire dinner on the floor, tried to fling herself out of her highchair and when I put her down on the floor to entertain herself while we finished eating, she ate the cheerios off the floor. I am in SO MUCH TROUBLE.....


Anonymous said...

hahaha booby sucker... I'll come over and take the 3a-6a shift, if you don't mind me bringing Emma. We're up anyways. :-\

Danifred said...

I'm so sorry G isn't feeling well. Nothing worse than a baby who can't express themselves feeling horrible.
Hope she's feeling better soon (and you can get some good sleep!)

andrea said...

Sure Rach! They can have an early morning play date ;) Seems like the thing to do these days....

Joy said...

Poor little thing. And poor mama! I don't know what's worse. Mystery fevers or snot rockets. Hope she gets better soon!!!

aunt jacqui said...

I have to work but on days i dont Ill be there for her!