Tuesday, January 5, 2010


  • work out 3 days a week
  • take one picture every day
  • say one positive thing each morning
I want to work out more - because I like it and I need to get rid of the jiggle. And, lets face it, I want to go shopping and be able to buy clothes I like and that feel good on me.

Pictures and photography are an itty bitty hobby of mine, so I think I can manage project 365. Follow it here because I won't be posting a picture every single day on the 'ol blog. I would never remember to do that. And, I am really excited to do this - wait until you see what my life is like - for real.

Because most days end up crappy between work and life and stress and blah - I figure if I start them out on a more positive note, it might make the ending a little softer. Trying the glass 3/4 full approach for 2010. I actually made this a daily goal on my page so I can track it.


Mama Reg said...

awesome goals! i also like your blog about cooking/planning more, all things that will make life a little easier and more enjoyable! :)

Tricia said...

I agree, those are great goals! Hey, I've also joined sparkpeople... as my WW membership is over. Add me if you need some extra support, it has helped me in the past! TRICIA1685