Monday, January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday

this lovely blog idea courtesy of MckMama

  • I didn't wear my underwear inside out one day last week. Or my bra.  Definatly not me.
  • I would never have left class early because I wanted to come home and snuggle my baby.  Very unprofessional.....
  • It would for sure NOT cross my mind to ignore a crying baby just to get 5 more minutes of sleep.
  • The idea of having a big first birthday party for G, and to start planning it now would not be something I would do.  No way.
  • Being a working mom with a stay at home dad for a husband never makes me insanely jealous. Clearly, that is not me.
  • Counting down the days until my eye doctor appointment (today!) would be totally dorky. I would not have done such a thing.....
  • Reserving the addition of more not me statements......

1 comment:

Danifred said...

I would never leave work early to hang with my girls either.
Don't these not mes feel soooooo good?! :)