Monday, January 11, 2010

Longer out than in

40 weeks, to the day, I was pregnant.
40 weeks, to the day, I have been some one's mother.


It has been a crazy 9 months, as I am sure every mom will tell you....

At 9 months she can:
crawl like a champ
pull up on anything
scale furniture, toys and all wobbly structures
walk a few feet while holding on to your hands
find any and all of the smallest objects known as trash, to put into her mouth.
eat like it's going out of style, which you would never know based on her peanut size.
respond to her name. and the word "no".....
gets really REALLY excited when she sees me or Mike walk into the room
sign "eat" and "more" - understands the signs for "eat", "more", "all done"
snuggle to perfection
melt our hearts with every big 2.5 toothed-smile she gives

The reflux doesn't seem to get her down anymore, we stopped her medicine last month and she still has her uncomfortable moments but the projectile vomit has decreased. She hates and I mean HATES having her diaper changed and also hates when you have to pull things over her head. She loves to play with her shoes, naturally. she loves to play with my shoes, naturally.
Gianna gets to stay at home with her daddy most days - good for both of them. Sad for me. But, life will go on! She loves music and dancing. Hilarious to watch.

I can not get over how much she has learned and what she has accomplished in 9 months. It is amazing.

And now, we must start planning her first birthday party! These events tend to sneak up on me when I am not looking.....


Anonymous said...

she also gets excited when she sees Aunt Krissy.........

Anonymous said...

What a sweet girl.


Danifred said...

Isn't it crazy what happens in 9 months? First, we make them into little humans and then they start scaling furniture, grinning with teeth and stealing our hearts!

Mama Reg said...

aww 9 mos already?! it really is just SUCH a cute age :) time flies! and yes the 1st birthday and others just sneak up on you!

alicia said...

thats a crazy milestone when they have been out of you longer then they were in you, i am excited for that day!

wow she is amazing! Ivy is slowly getting the signs, I am sure she will get them soon!