Monday, August 4, 2008

productivity at its finest

so, today should have been my first day of school.
i can't decide if i am sad, relieved, angry, happy or if i really don't care that i am not there today. and that i won't be there any day ever.

what today is - however - is productive. i have a lot i want to get done around the house and a few errands i want to run because the hubs is leaving for NY tomorrow for a big lax tourny. I will miss him. I also am not entirely sure what I am going to do with myself when he is gone. Each day I try to find things to do... and it is getting harder & harder. Not to say there aren't things to do, because there always are, but I want to be doing productive things, productive things that involve earning $$. I am not giving up on this search however, each day I apply for at least 2 new positions. Also I decided that since I seem to have so much tme on my hands, I should do something worthwhile with it, like volunteer somewhere. So I am on the hunt as well for a place to spend some QT about once every week or so, pref. a place that works with children.

I still can't seem to make a decision on what to do with my life, I think I decide one day, and then I look for other options the next. I made a deadline of Oct 1 - by then I will have to know what I am doing in order to prepare for it, whatever IT is. and by Dec. 1 I will want to have everything in order for that IT i decided on. I work best under guidelines (i think it goes along with the list thing).

oh, one other thing -- my dear old AF is still MIA. that lady never shows up on time these days. i am not motivated to POAS, not even a little, which is wierd considering i have a small stash of them in my bathroom. i'm sure she'll come around eventually - she always does.


Anonymous said...

Props to you for surviving such a hard day... it's gotta suck to think of your former classmates starting their clinical year today and you are not there with them. BUT at the same time... you're choosing the path that seems right for you at this moment...and that's important in and of itself. And you never know, you might return to school after a LOA... take care!

JenM said...

It sounds like a great start that you want to do some volunteer work. I PMed you on the board - I have an idea for you for tomorrow!

alicia said...

it's great that you have a plan in place! I am sure you will figure it all out soon! heck girl when are you going to POAS!!!

Colleen said...

Thanks for stopping by. I wish you all the luck with your life plans!

VA Blondie said...

It does feel strange to be out of school after being in school for so long. I hope you will enjoy exploring, and I hope you find what makes you happy.

Good luck with the job search!

kimber said...

POAS...she'll show. It's a given in my house.

As for the day, enjoy it! You've earned some down time!

Nit said...

Volunteering is a great idea! And I don't think you should stress about what your going to will come in time!

Here's to hoping AF stays away :)

kccat said...

Wishing you all the best. Volunteering sounds like a great idea.