Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bachelorette in the house....

ok well kinda, at least for the week! Mike left yesterday for his trip to NY - all lacrosse all the time. Am I sad he is gone? of course! Do I wish I was with him on this trip? No, not really.... I would love to visit Lake Placid - but on my own time, with my own agenda ;) I know he will have a great time however so that is good. I am actually going on a little trip of my own this weekend - a last ho-rah if you will for my mom! Myself, mom, and 2 sisters are going on a little weekend getaway, it should be pretty fun!

Now - about this bachelorette business.... what is a girl to do with the house all to herself?

Well yesterday I went to the zoo with my sisters

and then came home and just vegged - picked up here and there, boring!

Today - i am getting my hairs cut! [oh i hear the jealousy raging through each of you] and am having dinner with my BFF. Those are all the "real" plans I have. I have one job app to send in - I really like the sounds of the position so cross your crossables! I also might go to the library - I have pretty much finished the books I have here, more summer reading for me!
So - sorry for the boring update, but when I throw my wild party b/c i have the house to myself - I will definatly let you all in on it ;)


Anonymous said...

Your lazy, carefree summer days are enviable! Enjoy the weekend.

alicia said...

ohh yay hair cut! please take pics!! have fun at dinner and good luck with the job application!

VA Blondie said...

What fun! I love the zoo.
I love it when my Hubby travels sometimes. It is nice to have the time away.

By the way, I tagged you my blog!

JenM said...

The zoo looked fun! Now I want to go. Enjoy the house to yourself you crazy bachelorette!

kccat said...

I am sure your weekend with the fam/girls will be tons of fun. Post pics of the hair cut please. Crossing everything that can be crossed over here. GL.

Have you read Eat, Love, Pray yet? I just started it and its good so far.