Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Time is going FAST! some days drag... but the weeks just keep on ticking by.

How am I feeling you ask? Like complete crap!! I can't believe just how much I am reacting to this pregnancy -- while I haven't actually vomited - the nausea is overwhelming most of the day. I am so so SO tired - I can take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and still be in bed by 9:30! And as my husband would say, I have super-sonic smelling powers, which do not help the nausea problem. But - I am enjoying all of it as much as I can. I try not to complain, because who the hell wants to hear that?!! I just make my husband nuts by wanting to eat all the time ;) We have our first appt on friday - pretty excited about that. Oh ya, and my wardrobe is shrinking by the day.....

can you see why my pants don't fit now?!!

You know what makes me feel worse than this though - not having a job that I want/feel I am totally qualified for. I am not used to being someone who doesn't contribute to society in some way - and this is in fact harder for me than anything else. I am scared that I won't get the job i want/need in time, you know , before they don't want to hire me b/c of the baby. I am exploring a lot of options - taking a few classes this semester, trying to do work from home, just having a few part time positions, subbing etc. None of these would make as happy as if I had that job I am longing for!! [who ever says that?!!] Not to say I don't enjoy my time at home, to do things that I need to WHEN I want to etc. - that part is pretty fabulous!

I haven't been the most exciting person lately - but Mike's birthday is this weekend and we have some fun plans for that, so maybe my posts will be a little spicer next week!


Tiffanie said...

awww, cute belly:) hope you fell better soon.

and, good luck on the job front.

alicia said...

yay baby bump! it is so cute :)

I haven't hit the super nausea stage yet, just get little moments, same with the smell thing, little moments of weird smelling ablilities!

I hope you find a better job soon!

Amy said...

I know how you feel but it will work out. God has a plan for you.

The Crazy Life of a Navy Wife said...

Love the baby bump!! How exciting. Check out my blog for a little surprise!

Tiff said...

I hope you feel better :o( and that everything works out!

There is something on my blog for you, though!

Mel said...

Cute bump... look in to Bella Bands (you can buy them with free shipping at They are a lifesaver in the 1st trimester to help keep your wardrobe functional until you hit maternity wear.
The smelling and nausea is the worst, I hear you. It is going to be so worth it, though. I had to tell myself that every day. And hey, here I am at 13 weeks and I am honest to God feeling better!!!! ;-)

kccat said...

7 weeks already. Wow. H & H 9m to you!!!

Nit said...

I love your little baby bump!!! :)