Thursday, August 28, 2008


Who says you need to me in school or at a terrific job to get an award? NOT ME!!! You can get awards for your blog - and I got nominated for the same one TWICE!! How very awesome, and sweet of these girls. Tiff is waiting on her little boy to come on out, trying to induce natural childbirth any way she can, and making us all laugh and anticipate this little one as much as her and her husband! Caiti is the sweetest girl ever - and is stronger than I think I could be - her husband is in the navy, and she has to deal with his frequent absence. I think she is doing a great job, and her blog is fun to read!

Now, no one likes a selfish blogger -- so I need to pass this on to some of my favorite people.

first up - Jen @ Maybe if you just relax. She's whitty, she's sarcastic, she's knocked up! What more do you need in a blogger [& IRL] friend?! I love her and the strength both her and her husband have shown through this journey.

second - another Jen! @ I blog because of Peer Pressure. Another whitty, fun, knocked up friend!! She has also gone through quite the journey to get to where she is today, much to be commended. And, she has an awesome camera like me and takes fun pictures!

third - Mel @ Where's my belly. I have been following her journey through life and babymaking for a while now, and she is such an inspirational person. I love reading her posts and putting things back into perspective when needed. And she is always listening to my problems... ;)

fourth - Tiffanie @ Equal opportunity Hater. She is hilarious! She works her ass off and always has a fun story to tell! She has also been a great supporter to me recently and that in itself deserves an award!

and last but no least - Jamie @ J.Marie Photography. I know, it's not a real, talking blog. But it is a real photography blog - and she takes wonderful pictures. AND Jamie is one of the sweetest, most genuine people I have met on the internet!

Now - I know you want to pass on the love - here's how:

1. Add the logo of the award to your blog.

2. Add the link of the blogger who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least 5 other blogs.

4. Add those 5 links to your post.

5. Leave a message for your winners on their blogs.


That is all the fun for today - will update after the dr's tomorrow!


Mel said...

you rock!! thanks, sweetie!
cannot wait to hear how the dr appt goes, seriously!!

alicia said...

congrats on your award!! yay

Tiffanie said...

awww, thanks! when i figure out how to do the first item on the list i will do the rest:) promise to work on this weekend! thanks again! looking forward to the update on you dr's appt.

Zach & Jamie said...

Thanks so much sweetie! You are so nice to have mentioned me. Guess what? I started a pregnancy blog as well... you'll have to check it out when you get a chance. :)
I'm so excited to follow you through this journey! You and I both have so much to look forward to! :) Grow, babies, grow!
~ Jamie
ps. and the new blog is....
Talk to you soon!