Monday, July 28, 2008

a weekend of adventure

We did a lot this weekend - wedding showers, Mamma Mia!, fireworks, lots of shopping & cooking hiking - it's been pretty crazy since thursday. I don't have time to catch up on everything but the highlights since saturday:

We started off at the shower I have been planning for my most amazing mom. It turned out beautifully, everyone seemed to have a good time, my flowers all stayed alive and looked great, the food was good, the people were fun, the cake was awesome!

And I am pretty sure that Mom had a good time - the most important tid bit of all!

My beautiful family
The new extended version of my beautiful family

And on sunday - mike and i decided to explore nature. It didn't turn out exactly how we had anticipated [b/c i am the only adult woman besides my twin sister that i know who can not ride a bicycle...], but it was a good day regardless, and I got to take some pretty fun pictures.

Also - as an aside, on Thursday my friend who i talked about here, asked me (finally?!!) to be in her wedding! I am excited and glad to do it. It should be a good time, should be an even better time if I am pregnant by then! That makes 2 weddings for me next year, all before my anniversary. So about that job.... {she was also super super supportive of me about my decisions, like i knew she would be, and that was really really nice}

And last - thank you so much ICLW participants, you made my week last week!

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alicia said...

wow love those photos! what a fun weekend you had!! And yay for being in a wedding, I also hope you are PG by then!