Monday, July 14, 2008


I always love a good sale - and let me tell you, this weekend, totally on accident, I ended up with lots of good deals when the hubs and I went out shopping.

  • 2 new pairs of shoes - $10 each
  • lots of new things from express - 20% off the sale price [their editor pants are probably the best things ever made, and i got a pair for $22 - i always buy them at this, for this reason!]
  • shoes for mike - $10 off b/c i went to a baseball game and they won!
  • sheets and such from BBB - $25 off plus 20%.... i love their coupons so much - i have more stashed at my house and in my car than may be healthy
  • a brand new Palm Treo 755 - free?!! [plus accessories, for less than the $50 i should have spent on the phone!] b/c i am awesome and i love verizon.... or the fact that it printed me out an extra rebate form. I think I will be able figure the phone out in about a week [month?!] or so - I only missed 4 calls yesterday.....

so it was a great shopping day - shopping is such a stress reliever for me [even though surprisingly i am relativly stress free at them moment, despite all the waiting] and sometmes like a game to see what kind of deals I can get!!

it was also a great day b/c i got to spend the whole day with Mike - not something we have been able to do in awhile with both of us being so busy.


in case you were all wondering what we decided to do in the TTC area for this month (i know, you are dying to know) - I am not going to chart b/c my schedule is way too all over the place and I don't think that I could do it accuratly. SO - we are trying the preseed w/ OPK's - and mike is taking some vitamins (just a multivit really nothing special) mainly b/c i have been on him for a long time to take something in general, not as much for the babymaking business! We'll see how it goes, I think I should have enough 'supplies' for 2 months.


alicia said...

yay shopping! such a great stress relief! i hope the preseed and the vitamin is the answer for you guys!

Nit said...

I love a good deal!

And I have to admit Express is one of my most favoritist stores ever! :)

Antonette said...

Love the black and white on your blog!
Why not post a picture of your fabulous shoe finds? I love shoe shopping.

Found you through IComLeavWe

KC said...

Shopping is such a good stress reliever!! The only downer is the bills that come in about a month after the shopping spree.r

Just Me. said...

I am a shopaholic shoe whore. Maybe i should correct it, i was a shopaholic shoe whore till damned infertility took over my life. Love shopping.

Here's hoping to vitamins and what's not for you guys!