Wednesday, July 9, 2008


i have been a bad blogger, and a bad blogger friend lately - sorry.
but here is a quick rundown

  • started at children's hospital this week for my "exploratory experience" [refuse to refer to myself as an 'M3' student yet, even if they changed my email already]
  • decided that above mentioned hospital really, seriously needs to change their parking situation so that i don't need to get there 30min early to catch the shuttle bus to get from the parking lot to the main entrance....
  • working on a research project that is quickly becoming a really big pain in the ass
  • planning my mom's wedding shower for the end of the month
  • trying to get my "muffin top" in shape - but i am tired, not unmotivated, just tired. ugh.
  • enjoying the sunshine - lots. july is probably my favorite month of the whole year b/c its so stinking hot and sunny, if i could live in the pool - on a raft - and still accomplish everything i needed to, that would be fabulous
  • reading books. as in for pleasure. not something i get to do often, but i do enjoy it. right now i have a fondness for Jennifer Weiner. I plan on getting Stephanie Klein's new book soon as well as a few others. [any suggestions?]
  • having fun with the hubs!
  • fixing holes my little sister makes in the garage floor.....
  • trying to decide the next steps in our babymaking process - as in using vitamins, preseed, charting etc. [i realize it's "only" been 8 months, and that it takes an 'average' couple 6-12m to conceive - which was pointed out to me last month - thanks for the unnecessary knowledge boost that i really didn't need or want from you. or probably anyone. but damn, it doesn't hurt to try what's worked for others!]
  • trying to keep my house clean and clothes washed..... unsuccessfully usually!!

so i think that covers the basics.... hopefully i will come up with a routine here soon and be around a little more


Kymberli said...

If you decide to move on to charting, let me know if you need any help!

Glad to see an update from you! You have a ton on your plate!

alicia said...

Wow busy lady! Have you read the Time Travellers Wife? BEST BOOK EVER! Also I would suggest trying out the preseed! It has worked for a lot of girls, so why not give it a shot! Charting is kinda neat, but you get SOOO obsessed with it, so be cautious!

Nit said... have been pretty darn busy!

Take care & try to relax...if there is such a thing in med school :)

Alison said...

Did you change your blog? I think it's so cute!!

I'm with Kym... charted for about 6 months so if you need help, let me know. We are on the monitor now. It's more expensive but less frustrating.

Kim said...

I have to say, as far as books go I have found myself addicted to James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella and Karen Kingsbury! As with everything else, its what I have always said, I believe in you and know that you can do it because I know that I sure as hell couldn't keep up with what you do!