Thursday, July 3, 2008

list maker

when i get all stressed out and busy - i make lists.
when i have a lot on my plate - i make lists.
when i just have a lot to do - i make lists.
my lists have lists.

our house is peppered with post-it's [i should seriously purchase stock in them!] and little pieces of paper that have all kinds of lists and things scribbled on them. I get the greatest satisfaction in crossing things out that I have accomplished. You saw my study calendar - when I could put a big "X" through the end of the day, it was great! It makes me feel in control to be able to cross things out - i don't like to leave any list unaccomplished at the end of the day!

Here is where my problem is today: there are 2 things in my life at this exact moment that are on my list - pending if you will - and i have no ability to cross them off my list. One, of course is that test from last week - I have a few more weeks left until I find out if I passed or not. I just want it behind me, I want it off my list for good. This waiting, it is a killer. The other, clearly is the pregnancy thing. I have been waiting to see those two lines for almost seven months now, this one item has been on my life list for seven months "start family", which is definatly not a long time, but at times, it feels so very long. Today - dear AF should be here - although she is a little late in her arrival. Unlike last month, I am not concerned or anxious. I do not feel anything. I just want to cross this month off my list, like all the others, and move on to the next one.

So - while I wait to cross off those two things - I have new lists, new tasks and a lot to keep busy with. Don't let me fool you - I am scared to death over these test scores, and I am still a teensy bit hopeful that this could be our month - but not enough of either of these things to stop the rest of my life. I just want to know one way or the other, if only life were so simple!!

But on a lighter note - I wanted to share some pictures from our trip (i left my lists at home while we were gone!!)


Mel said...

Well, I admire your lists. ;)
And I certainly have great hope that this is your month, two-fold.

Alison said...

Good for you! Lists are the only thing that keep me sane! Your pictures look great! You and your hubby are so cute!

Kristin said...

I am a list maker too! I would seriously lose it if I didn't make lists! LOL I love your pictures!! And your hair is too cute!

Annegirrl said...

I envy your list making ability. I start lists, never finish them and never cross them off. Except for grocery lists. I'm a kick-ass grocery list maker and follower.

You got some great Disney pictures!! Did you tell Mickey I said "Hi!"?

JenM said...

I love that picture of the castle with the fireworks behind it. Beautiful! I'm a list maker too, it keeps me sane.

I hope that you get to cross both of those big things off your list very soon. I'm so sorry that you are still waiting for that second line. I know the feeling, and it sucks.

KC said...

Lists are good.

glad to see you had a good time on your getaway.

Kymberli said...

I'm so disorganized that it's not even funny. I try to write lists, but they end up serving no purpose because I forget where I leave them. :)

Wonderful pics! You and your husband are so cute together!

Amy said...

I love lists too. My roommate in college used to tease me that I spent more time creating my lists than actually accomplishing the tasks on my list. Sad but probably true. Can't help it. I have to have my lists so I can feel like I've accomplished something when I cross things off.