Saturday, October 13, 2012

Forgetful to the Max

Here’s the thing: I forget EVERYTHING.

That is only a very slight exaggeration. Seriously – I am totally not with the program most of the time. And annoys me to a ridiculous degree, because I am used to being organized and on top of things.

Except I am totally not right now. Want an example or two?

Example 1: I forget to drop Gianna off at preschool about once a week, as in, I just drive right past the exit and (thankfully) realize it pretty quickly, but still. HELLO! Earth to space cadet Andrea!

Example 2: I put clothes in the dryer and don’t turn it on. Often.

Example 3: I go to the store for something specific and leave without it (and with things I didn’t even go there for)

Example 4: I rarely know what day it is – to the point where I schedule almost every work meeting on the wrong day and just generally never know what is going on! (and then I am more thankful than normal for my google calendar. it saves my life!)

Example 5: I walk out the door without my lunch. or my coffee. or both at least once a week.

I know there are more things, but I FORGET WHAT THEY ARE!

I write myself notes, set reminders in my phone, schedule things that don’t even need scheduled on my calendar, and still – I forget what/when/where I need to be!

I am thankful that Mike just goes with it, helps to remind me of things and just generally forgives me for my spacy, forgetful nature.

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MommyV said...

Mom brain. Pg brain! Totally normal! I read an article about the hormones released that relax your systems - you are chemically altered and your memory is one victim! (Or at least that's how I remember the article to have gone....) 😉