Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gianna-isms: hilarity, et. al.

The age of 3(.5) has seriously brought out the hilarity in my little girl. Every single day she says something that I wish I had recorded because – seriously. lolforeverandever.

She picks up on EVERYTHING. And she makes jokes. Which I happen to enjoy a ton.

A few gems from the past few weeks:

::Mike’s downstairs playing some music::

G – hey, is that daddy down there playin’ music? we should check…” (she goes down there to check out the scene and eventually comes to the bottom of the steps with her hands on her hips) “Hey, Mommy, are you comin’ down here to check this party out? Yes? Okay! Cooooooome On!” (followed by some crazy dance moves)


::Mike and Gianna are riding in the car::

Mike – Gianna, that sounds like Justin Bieber on the radio

Gianna – Daddy! That is not Damn Beaver

Mike – uh, what?

G – I SAID that is NOT Damn Beaver

Mike – I really can’t hear you, what? (turns music down)

G – Daddy. This is NOT Damn Beaver. It is JUSTIN BIEBER.


::riding in the car to dance class::

Me – how was your day today?

G – it was good. we are going to the farm tomorrow and me and Maggie are going to ride on the hay thingies and the farmer’s gonna drive. And it is going to be so cool. Can you even believe that?

Me – You sound really excited about that.

G – It’s going to be magical.


::talking to my sister::

Jacqui – (makes random noises at Luci, who does a lot of newborn sleep squeaking)

G – awe, Aunt Jacqui, are you teaching baby Luci her amimal sounds? that’s so cute!


::at dinner::

G – Aunt Jacqui has a weird looking belly button.

Me – Hers is just different than yours, that doesn’t make it weird.

G – yea it does. and sometimes my belly button can talk and says “let’s get this party started”

Me and Mike – what???


::just a random conversation::

Me – did you just say that was not a tragedy?

G – No mommy, nuffing is a tragedy unless you fart

Me – um, where did you come up with that?

G – (she is dying laughing) Daddy told me that. And he gave me the idea to fart on you, mommy. isn’t that hilarious?

Me – no…. no it is not…..

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