Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catching up {by numbers}

PhotobucketI am behind with life right now, so time for a little catch-up.

365: days ago I was floating around the Mediterranean on a huge boat with my family. I can't believe that was a year ago.
1: number of Bradley classes we have had so far. I like it & I am really excited about it.
100: grams of protein I should be eating a day
25: grams of protein I ACTUALLY eat a day
41.1: weeks the average woman is pregnant (thank you Harvard...)
14.6: weeks left until my "due" date (OMG)
23252345782: names we have discussed for this baby.
0: names we have agreed on
34210: things that need done before the baby arrives
2: contractors I have contacted about a minor home repair we need done.
0: number of contractors who have called me back (Seriously, I can't explain my frustration over this)
1: new hot water tank we had to put in last weekend
18: hours from the time we "discovered" the need for the new hot water tank until it was installed
2: brother in laws who are awesome and handy and very helpful
0.5: level of concentration i have been able to muster up lately
10: jewelry shows/events scheduled before christmas
15: number of jewelry shows I want to hold before christmas (hoping to make up that scheduling difference this weekend!)
1.5: nights every week where nothing is scheduled. Or less. Sometimes it's 0 nights a week....
5976: times a day I think about all of the other things I need/want/should be doing while at work

so, things are crazy (as usual). I'm tired (as usual). but everyone is good, healthy, growing, etc. Trying to keep my head above water these days.

{total stole the by numbers idea from Danifred, because she is awesome}

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Danifred said...

Okay, I can't believe it's been a year since your cruise. time is moving way too fast!

Good luck with the name game. Ugh :)