Sunday, October 14, 2012

Overwhelmed and Underprepared

There are less than 16 15 weeks until we have a new person living in our house. A new little tiny itty bitty person.


And when you think about what is going to happen in those 15 weeks (lots of packed weekends, bradley classes, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new years, family birthdays, work, etc. etc. etc.) they are going to FLY right past us just like the last twenty something weeks have.

When I am overwhelmed I make lists. And the other day at work, after I started freaking out and having myself a very quiet little pity party/cry fest at my desk, that’s what I did. And I emailed it to Mike, who thought I was just a little bit crazy but also started to feel a little of my OHMYGAWD we have a lot of shit to do-ness that I have been feeling. 

We got rid of a lot of things after we had Gianna/moved/got pissed at not getting pregnant (okay, that part was all me) but also – a lot of things were just worn out (or were second hand to begin with). and some things, this new baby gets fresh!

I present to you, the list (not in any order of importance) ((complete with my stream of consciousness notes to mike!)) (((we are very not prepared))):

Things to buy sooner (for the girls):

  • New bottles (we got rid of ours)
  • New pacifiers (again, got rid of)
  • warmer clothes in newborn & 0-3 months
  • Size newborn & size 1 diapers & wipes (maybe re-sign up for amazon mom?)
  • heavier weight swaddle-me/swaddling blankets (do we really need this??)
  • lovie for baby (from Gianna)
  • humidifier
  • sound / white noise machine (bear??)
  • Changing pad for dresser. (something for upstairs too???)
  • diaper genie & refills
  • Big sister gift (what to get????)
  • boppy & cover (did i let someone borrow ours??)
  • baby meds 
  • rock & play (or borrow)
  • more baby hangers
  • burp clothes, bibs, baby wash rags, towels, changing pad covers
  • I have no idea what else we need…….

Things to buy soon-ish (for me/mike/house)

  • glider/rocker for the nursery
  • feminine hygiene stuff (yay…)
  • nursing stuff (what the heck do i need???)
  • wine for when the baby comes home.... beer for mike.... (joking. sort of. not really)
  • pump??
  • nursing cover
  • moby or something like that? (or borrow??)
  • living room storage solution (where are we going to put everything??)

Things to pull out of storage/wash

  • All newborn and 0-3 month clothing (determine if everything is seasonally appropriate and make new clothes list for any gaps – add to buy list….)
  • Car seat base, cover, bundle me
  • Big Stroller
  • See if cloth parts of bouncer can come off to be washed (make sure bouncer works!)
  • Play mat and toys
  • Teethers, rings, and other 0-6 month toys (find a good place to keep baby toys)
  • Crib bedding, sheets, blankets, burp rags, etc. etc. etc.

Things to put into storage

  • G's outgrown clothes & toys.....
  • lightweight stroller

Rooms to Tackle: Gianna's Room

  • fix up dress up area how I want it
  • Paint???
  • Buy artwork for walls/print pictures/frame/etc.

Rooms to Tackle: Baby's Room

  • find someone to fix window/wall ASAP
  • paint, clean, rearrange as necessary
  • Raise crib 
  • Get/hang up artwork
  • clean carpet

Rooms to Tackle: The rest of the upstairs!

  • touch up paint (where baby gate was)
  • try to come up with better playroom storage/arrangement (ha!)
  • figure out where baby stuff will go upstairs
  • Clear out cupboard space for bottles, etc.


  • Pick a name for the baby…….
  • Maternity photo shoot (when?!!)
  • hospital packing list/bag (figure out what diaper bag to use....)
  • Maternity leave & STD paperwork
  • Pre-register at hospital (no idea if we have to do this??)
  • sign G up for big sister classes
  • Figure out main plan (plus 2 back up plans) for what to do with Gianna when the baby comes
  • Take/Finish bradley classes
  • Try not to freak out
  • Holy shit we are having another baby

There it is kids. My lovely, scary, really freaking long, list of shit that needs done sooner than later.  I KNOW it will all be fine, and that all the really important stuff will get done. But goodness I am just overwhelmed with THINGS to do and also, the TIRED from all of the other stuff going on every day.


Tricia M. said...

We found that BJ's was actually cheaper than Amazon mom. BJ's accepts manufacturers coupons AND sends diaper coupons in their monthly coupons. We use Luvs, which are 29.99 for a HUGE pack (compared to 32.99 on Amazon mom) and then every other month, we get a $5.00 off coupon. I have my mom save them and buy two months at a time to get me through the month without the coupon. That savings along with the formula savings (they take the $5.00 similac coupons) has paid for the membership AND saved us a ton of money! Hope this helps... I'm a list maker too!

JenM said...

There are many things on this list my friend that I can help with. We should get together and talk about this