Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Order of Operations

I am pretty sure I said I was going to write this post well over a month ago.  Better late than never?!

Here is the thing. I am a planner – shocking I know – and I work so much better on a timeline. Deadlines. Whatever.

In my mind – the things that are going to occur in the next 6 months should go something like this. (I am certain nothing will go as I planned, but still, starting point?)

((and the “plan” will be sprinkled with jewelry, writing & teaching…you know, things I get paid to do!))

  1. Defend thesis/graduate (May 8th!)
  2. Buy a potty chair for Gianna…. no intention of actually USING it yet.
  3. Have Mirena taken out. (holy shit…..)
  4. Turn 26
  5. Go to Disney!!!!! (May 31st)
  6. Think about maybe seeing if potty training might work out?
  7. Build my business even more. (Designer! Yes!)
  8. Go to Texas (July 12th)
  9. Think about maybe seeing if Gianna would like to sleep in a big-girl bed
  10. Start seriously looking at/applying for PhD programs (right? probably? OMG)
  11. Hope Gianna is actually potty trained…..
  12. Go to Italy (October)

It all seems rather…. boring excitingly normal? compared to the past few months. I am sure I will find a way to spice things up a bit, I can’t sit still for long. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to a slow-down in the action just in time for pool-season!



Anonymous said...

Holy busyness!

Mel said...

Life can become a whirlwind so fast, right? Your whirlwhind sounds like fun to me. You certainly cannot complain of boredom!

Danifred said...

It doesn't sound excitingly normal at all- it sounds downright exciting!!!