Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • First – Happy Easter!
  • Second – it doesn’t feel like easter… not that I am sure what that feels like, but it doesn’t feel like a holiday to me. Probably something to do with all the crazy that’s going on right now.
  • A true holiday will be on Wed when I am DONE with school.
  • Also? Can it be warm yet? Please?
  • Last week I got a Keurig as a gift from a really awesome friend – tell me your favorite coffee! I know for sure I want to try one of the iced vanilla coffee’s but I need options people!
  • The Chocolate Glazed Donut variety k-cup is very delish.
  • Gianna is full of hilarious these days, I need to remember to write down the funny things she says.
  • I  made our meal plan for next week. I will only be “cooking” (meal plan says: chicken nuggets? salad?) one day because things are so busy and G will be at my Mom’s like 3/5 nights for dinner.
  • They asked me to teach again next semester, so yay to that.
  • I applied for another teaching position at a bigger college…..
  • And I need to work on my presentation for next week.
  • Also next week, I will be participating in a Twitter party!

KidsGO Twitter Party #ClevelandKidsGo (@KidsGoExpo)
Tuesday, April 26nd from 9p-10p. 
We will be giving away some more gift certificates to the Step2Store and Chick-fil-A, plus tickets to the KidsGO Expo!

  • But first – Happy 2nd Birthday to Zach – my BFF’s son – I remember her calling me early in the morning, because she knew I was up already, saying “so, I’m in the hospital and it’s a BOY! Oh, and I did it without drugs, it wasn’t that bad” love ya, S!


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raisingmiles said...

Chocolate glaze donut coffee? I think I need to become a regular coffee drinker, not just on the weekends!

Is it not warm in your parts yet? 80 degrees here and 5000% humidity.

Miles is cracking me up too with all his big boy sentences!

I love meal plans when you only "cook" for 1 day!

Happy Birthday to Zach!

JJ said...

Happy Easter!