Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coupon Chief!

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It’s not really a big secret – I have become coupon obsessed! Or, obsessed-in-training since I still have a lot to learn! And, I don’t have a coupon organizer or anything like that. Yet.

But the thing is, as much as I LOVE to shop, I really LOVE to shop online when at all possible.

The main reason (besides the obvious: shopping in my jammies) I LOVE to shop online is because I save SO MUCH MONEY.

Sounds ridiculous, I know. But stacking coupon codes, cash back options and free shipping make it worthwhile. And random things don’t end up coming home with me because they were SO cute (and un-needed).

I’ve used various websites in the past to hunt down free shipping and percent off codes but none have been as amazing or reliable as Coupon Chief.

This is the home of online retailer saving awesomeness. Thousands of (reliable!) coupon codes for thousands of retailers! The ability to browse by category or store is great, broadening my shopping horizons!

There are some really unique features about Coupon Chief setting them apart from other like sites. The biggest and most appealing is the pays-2-share feature. You post a coupon code you have received or found and when people use it, you get 2% back on whatever those people buy*! In order to help direct other coupon-savvy, money-saving shoppers to YOUR coupons there is a widget you can install into your own blog or social media platform containing your 5 most recent coupons.

It’s the greatest share-save-cash cycle ever! And, as I always say, we love to share around here!

There is also a coupon-4-causes option which allows you to earn money for a favorite charity, school or church. Pay it forward in a whole new way!

Visit’s Facebook page to stay up on the most current saving opportunities and don’t forget to visit their blog too!

While there are many coupon websites out there, I encourage you to give a try next time you are in the market for anything from a new cell phone to a new pair of shoes, I bet you’ll find what you are looking for at an even better price!


*please visit for full program details

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Danifred said...

I will definitely check it out, I love a good deal :)