Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers: 12 more days edition

  • 12 more days until my thesis is defended.
  • 12 more days of busting my ass to get the paper and presentation finished.
  • And Gianna has decided she doesn’t need a nap today. Naturally.
  • She has been all about imagination lately and it is pretty cool.
  • She is also all about dresses. And must get dressed immediately upon waking up. And must wear a “fancy dress” or a “pretty dress”.
  • In the next 12 days I will have at least: finished a 30 minute presentation & paper on my thesis topic, written a meaningless essay, taken a test, participated in 2 online discussion sessions, taught another week of class but prepared 2 weeks worth of lectures, pretended to be the Easter bunny & participated in 2 Easter related activities, held 2 jewelry shows, started a poster to present my research at a conference, participated in at least one conference call and one meeting revolving around jewelry, played with my 2 year old, hopefully showered regularly and drank an undetermined amount of coffee and wine.
  • I need to get my game-plan prepared in order for all that shit to get done.
  • On a different note – what are you favorite outdoor toys for toddlers? We have a play house, water table and jungle-gym thingie.
  • What is going in the next 12 days around your house?



alison said...

B loves his riding toys. We have a (camo, Cab.ela's version) cozy coupe car, tricycle, and this push car thing (it's a Step 2 something or other). He always wants to go for a "wide". :)

You can dooooo it! You're almost there!

Devon said...

In the next 12 days I will have:
*held 5 jewelry shows
*hopefully signed two new jewelers
*been preparing to see Lady Gaga (she comes into town on the 13th day)
*had pix taken of my girls together because family will be in town for Easter
*done the Easter thing
*spent a 4-day weekend for Easter weekend off with my husband and our families
*spent time giggling with the girls
*hopefully slept a little bit more than I have in the last 12 days

Danifred said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! SO exciting! It's the home stretch, Mama! Wooo hooo. I don't know that I could even begin to list what's on the agenda for the next 12 days, but I'd guarantee it looks much like your list. :)

Photogrl said...

You are SO close!

Good luck!

Gina said...

Wow your busy!!

Outside my girls love their baby strollers with dolls in them, we take tons of walks!

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! The end is near!

We have a swingset with a fort on top, sandbox underneath (FAV),just got a water table for his birthday, tricycle, Lightning McQueen power wheels, cozy coupe and another truck/push thingy.

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

I'll bet that after writing a thesis, most of your assignments seems like small potatoes!

We have a sand/water table, sand box, little slide that the Crazies have completely outgrown, and a blow-up pool...that's the best.

We also have those Little Tike cars and mowers...awesome quads that they got for their birthday last year...they've been really into them this year so far!

This reminds me that we need more storage for our outdoor's all in our shed and we're running out of room for the stuff that actually keeps our house running!