Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bright Beginnings

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Two things that you probably know if you have been reading my blog for any length of time:

  1. Gianna was formula fed from the get go. On purpose. (gasp now or forever hold your peace) 
  2. I like to buy things on sale. And online. Online AND on sale = my own personal slice of heaven

And, if you are a new reader, then you just learned two fun new facts! You're welcome.


There has been some recent discussion and planning in regards to baby #2 and the whole idea of growing our leetle family soon. 

I forget a lot....... almost all.... okay yes, pretty much ALL of the newborn stage minus the really awesome snuggles and the feeding trials and tribulations. 

Yes, my little bug was formula fed, no, that does not mean it was easy or not at all stressful. 

Bright Beginnings is one formula we never tried in our quest to feed the baby - but one that is on my radar for next time.  It's at a great price point AND you can  buy on And, it comes in an organic variety, which I like.

Another really nice thing? Bright Beginnings offers a non-diary supplement drink, great for those of us with dairy allergic/sensitive toddlers.

Check out Bright Beginnings on Facebook, catch up on what is developing over there and see what others think of their products. I know they are officially on my radar should we decide to go the formula route again.

(please refer to item #2 above! ROCKS! Tell them I sent you and get an even better deal with this code: ADIX2903 at checkout !!) 

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Martine said...

Do what you gotta do! Don't take any crap for your parenting choices! I'm sick to death of everyone and their mother feeling they have the right to comment on my food choices for my son.

Best of luck and I'm excited you are thinking of growing your leetole family :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! More leeeetle babies!

And I don't care what you feed your baby or your toddler...just sayin'