Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I needs some bullet-point therapy today, thankful to Danifred for providing it to me! Feel free to join her (check back if she hasn’t posted her linky yet) for some FNL therapy yourself!
  • This is my last weekend with a 1 year old. Holy crap. Emotions are running WILD.
  • Thanks for all the new haircut love! You guys made my week. Especially Esperanza for her comment – you made me laugh out loud, mostly because I have those kinds of “new hairs” too – totally sexay.
  • Things are crazy around here. I know I say that about every week – but no, for real this time. Today I have to: get some work done, shower, pack Gianna an overnight bag, go to the party store & target, have lunch with my sister (send Gianna with her for a sleepover!), come home work some more, meeting @ 4, meeting @ 4:30 to leave for an overnighter – meeting @ 6:30, dinner, sleep. Tomorrow: training until 4, birthday party for Gianna’s friends at 5:30, come home and bake cupcakes and cake. Sunday: lose my everloving mind, finish party prep, shower (I hope!) Gianna’s 2 yr pictures and then PARTY!
  • Add approximately 1,938 small things that need done between all of the big stuff and is it next weekend yet?
  • Final countdown to thesis defense. Scary to know what all still needs accomplished.
  • Sending big prayers and powerful thoughts into the universe for some friends today – one itty bitty rockstar baby needs them.
  • Gianna is HILARIOUS lately. the things she says, OMG I die from the cute. Some winners this week: reciting lines from her favorite movies at random like “I a diamond in the ruff” in the bathtub (ala Aladdin) or “I not a waitress, I a princess” (ala Princess & the Frog). She also told me she was “just habbin’ a tweat” as she broke into the easter candy stash – eating a mini reese cup, wrapper and all.
  • Have a great weekend my bloggie loves



alison said...

I can't wait to see pics of her party! You won't lose your mind, I promise. :) This whole growing up thing would suck so much more if 2 year olds weren't so effing Awesome, but they are!

Your weekend will go so fast, and before you know it, it will be Sunday night and you'll be tucking your 2 year old princess into her bed, wondering how you got where you are. And it will be good. And then Monday is a new day!

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds like my week! My 2 year old crazies start next weekend!

Mel said...

Take a deep breath and just enjoy it all. You don't want to miss it by getting too wrapped up in the details... she'll never remember anyways. Enjoy the moment! They only turn 2 once. Before we know it, they'll be 22.


Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

Don't sweat the small stuff, right???

Thesis! Yay!

bullet-point therapy = awesomeness

Anonymous said...

Breath my dear Andrea ---- we are the expert party planners!! I will have most of it done tomorrow --- relax!